Your Playground, Your Paradise

Step into a world where everything you desire is within reach! At Umdoni Point Coastal Forest Estate, your home is your sanctuary and your playground. Imagine a lifestyle where leaving home is an option, not a necessity.


Our estate redefines leisure and convenience. From the adjacent golf course to an array of recreational activities, your days are filled with endless enjoyment. Swing into action at our on-site bowling greens, perfect your serve at the tennis courts, or dive into relaxation in our expansive swimming pool.

But that's just the beginning!

Our clubhouse is a hub of social indulgence, boasting a vibrant coffee shop, bar and gourmet restaurant, Kayla Ann’s, run by a renowned chef. Complemented by changing rooms and a welcoming community hall. And let’s not forget the beach! A haven for fishing and swimming, with a picturesque tidal pool offering the perfect spot for aquatic adventures.

At Umdoni Point, every day is an opportunity to revel in a world of leisure, fun, and coastal bliss - all within the comfort of your home.


A Tapestry of Active Living at Umdoni Point

Experience a world of active living at Umdoni Point, where sporting pursuits merge seamlessly with coastal paradise. From the thrill of golfing at prestigious courses to Pickleball, Padel, swimming, bowling, and the allure of beachside fishing and swimming, there’s something for every sports enthusiast here. Experience a lifestyle that seamlessly blends coastal living with a rich tapestry of sports and leisure, inviting you to explore and indulge in your favorite activities against the backdrop of serene coastal beauty.

Indulge in a golfer’s paradise at Umdoni Point! Within a 45-minute drive, discover 20 golf courses, with 11 ranked among the Top 100 in South Africa. Umdoni Park Golf Club, right at your doorstep, was crowned the best-kept golfing secret in 2004 by Golfers Digest and ranked among the top 3 most fun golf courses in South Africa in 2012.
Selborne Golf Estate, a renowned gem, is less than 1km from our estate, while Penn Valley Estate hosts a convenient 9-hole golf course. Practice your swing at the nearby driving range, offering doorstep access to fine-tune your skills.
Engage in thrilling pickleball matches or indulge in paddleball action on our well-maintained padel courts, perfect for both leisurely games and competitive play.
Dive into leisure or training sessions at our expansive swimming pool, offering a refreshing retreat for both fitness enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation.
Aim for a perfect strike or embrace the fun of bowling on our onsite bowling greens, providing an enjoyable pastime for friends and families alike.
Explore the beach’s allure—whether it’s fishing along the coast or enjoying a swim in the pristine tidal pool, our beachfront offers an idyllic setting for aquatic adventures.
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