Umdoni Point Wildlife
Umdoni Point Fish Eagles in a Tree


Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace at Umdoni Point, where the coastal forest meets the majestic Indian Ocean. Our haven is a thriving sanctuary for an array of wildlife, boasting the enchanting presence of blue duiker, bushbuck, playful mongoose, and a vibrant tapestry of over 250 bird species.

Here, tranquillity and biodiversity converge, inviting you to explore the untamed beauty of nature.

Picture yourself strolling amidst these natural inhabitants, amidst their lush and pristine surroundings. It’s not just a walk; it’s an exhilarating journey through a living tapestry of coastal forest and oceanic wonders.


Experience the thrill of encountering diverse wildlife thriving in their natural habitat. At Umdoni Point, the harmony between coastal forest and ocean offers an enchanting invitation to connect with nature in its purest form.

Your Haven, Secured

Experience life to the fullest at Umdoni Point Coastal Forest Estate, where security is our top priority! Our gated community and the adjoining beachfront are fortified with cutting-edge measures, including electric fencing, thermal cameras, and vigilant 24/7 patrolling security guards.

Feel the freedom to embrace every moment without a worry, whether it’s an evening stroll, a workout, or savouring a meal at our exquisite restaurants.

At Umdoni Point, your safety is meticulously safeguarded, allowing you to live life unrestrained and indulge in the vibrant amenities and scenic surroundings.

Feel Safe at Umdoni Point Seaside Secure Estate

“Enjoy peace of mind while living your best life within our secure haven.”

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